Postdocs in Computational Sciences, Beijing Computational Science Research Center

Organisation Name: Beijing Computational Science Research Center
Organisation Type: Academia
City: Beijing
Country: China
Discipline: Computational Science, Computational Physics, Computational Chemistry, Computational Mathematics, Computational Bioscience, Computational Material Science

Description: Beijing Computational Science Research Center (CSRC) a newly established interdisciplinary institute in China is recruiting multiple postdoctoral positions ( to conduct top research in computational sciences in condensed matter physics, quantum optics, biological sciences, and material sciences and advance algorithm developments. The initial appointment will be for two years with a possible renewal for the third with an annual salary of from 130,000 to 150,000 RMB depending on experience, and also research funding, housing, and transportation benefits are provided. The potential candidates should demonstrate record of top quality research work in computational and interdisciplinary research. Multiple positions are available for strongly-motivated researchers to conduct high quality computational science research with scientists in CSRC. **** --Position CA1: Computational modeling of fracture mechanics at nano-scales: to study the failure and damage of nano-materials, using atomistic molecular dynamics combined with fiber bundle model, to understand the emergence of fracture and dislocation at nano-scales, and to elucidate the intrinsic mechanism behind these phenomena. (Supervisor: Dr. Dong-bo Zhang) --Position CA2: Combined ab initio and classical MD simulations of material properties under extreme conditions: to study the two-temperature equation of state (EOS) of materials under high temperature and pressure where electronic and ionic temperatures are treated, separately. The thermodynamical properties of material will be investigated when the motions of electrons and ions may not in equilibrium states under the extreme conditions. A multi-scale approach using both DFT-MD and classical MD simulations will be used for this study (Supervisor: Dr. Xiang Gao) --Position CA3: Molecular dynamics simulation at experimental time-scale: to study the mechanical properties of structural materials at finite temperature and high stress. We try to understand longtime-scale properties, such as diffusion, creep etc. The time-scale in our simulation should be comparable to the experimental time-scale. (Supervisor: Dr. Peng-fei Guan) --Position CA4: MD simulations of ion hydration and transport in nanopores: Molecular dynamics simulation of hydration shells of ions and transport properties through nano-pores and bio-membranes. Large-scale MD simulations will be used to study the hydration shell structures and their dynamics at interfaces and under confinement, and transport properties through nano-pores and biomembranes. (Supervisor: Prof. Shiwu Gao). --Position CA5: TDDFT and nano-optic device simulations: the postdoc is going to be involved in both the fundamental theory and code development of time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT), and its applications to optical properties of nanostructures and optoelectronic devices. Candidates in condensed matter theory and computational physics are encouraged to apply. (Supervisor: Prof. Shiwu Gao and Prof. Chi-Yung Yam). --Position CA0: General areas of scientific computing: Multiple other positions will be available in areas including computational material sciences, computational neurosciences, multi-scale and stochastic modeling of biological and physical systems, etc. ***** Applications should consist of curriculum vitae, including a list of publications, summary of future research plans, and three letters of reference. Please identify the position code in your application. Application materials should be electronically sent to Ms. Juan Yang by email with a subject line "Computation Algorithms Postdocs". All positions are available immediately.

Posting Date: August 30, 2014
Closing Date: December 30, 2015
Organisation Website:
Contact Details:
Name: Wei Cai
Email Id: wcai[AT]
Address: No. 3 He-Qing Road, Hai-Dian District

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